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Manhunt (2017) – English Review

A lawyer becomes a chased man when he wakes up with a dead skeleton next to him. Who killed this skeleton?

Manhunt is directed by the action legend John Woo. One can safely say that he should retire as a movie director after this movie. His two previous movies were also garbage!

When John Woo makes a bad movie, he makes a bad movie! This is a collaboration between Japan, China, and Hong kong. There are Chinese, Japanese and South Korean actors. It should be said that the dubbing is lousy, and there’s a lot of bad dialogue in English here.

The story is a mess, the characters are poorly written, and the dialogue is embarrassingly bad. The action scenes don’t impress. John Woo uses old and out-of-date tricks without being able to add energy to the action scenes. His old movie tricks have gone out of date, and we also get to see a bunch of white pigeons. Did that surprise you?

With many actors from different countries, this is just chaos. The actors have little to work with. There are several good actors here, but the script is so bad that it feels like you see uneducated actors stinking in front of the camera!

John Woo believes he’s still living in another decade, and that decade is the awful 90’s. You hear the annoying saxophone, and the soundtrack is cruel. The soundtrack is something you associate with the ’90s when John Woo was at his worst when he picked out the soundtrack for his movies. Screaming violins are better than the soundtrack from hell that you are hearing in this turd of a movie!

Manhunt is a movie that is everywhere. The movie fails to engage when the script is so bad! Spoiler alert. We end up in a secret lab where homeless people have been kidnapped and they are test rabbits for evil people who try to create super soldiers. Jesus Christ!

The whole movie is terrible from start to finish. The story is lousy. You don’t buy the plot development in this chaos of a movie that is lousy edited. How John Woo convinced investors to invest in this movie is a great mystery. Manhunt is a stink bomb of a movie that still would have been crap even in the ’90s where John Woo still lives. Wake up, man! Wake up!

Rating: 1/10

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