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Mumon: The Land of Stealth (2017) – English Review

Greedy ninajs.

We follow a feared ninja and his men who must defend a nation ruled by greedy men that you cannot trust. But it will take a while before he realizes how greedy they are, and this journey will hopefully change him as a person.

Mumon: The Land of Stealth is a movie that has a lot of charm. I was surprised at how playful it was. But I didn’t like the tone that I felt was everywhere. The movie is mostly nice and silly. But then the tone changes towards the end and it gets too dark, which ruined some of the movie experience.

The best thing about the movie is the action scenes where it feels like you are watching an animated movie. Some scenes brought out my big smile. And I love the sound of greed when the ninjas approach the enemy. It’s not often you hear such sounds, and it fits perfectly with the story that’s being told. It’s also a lot of fun to watch the ninjas use all sorts of tricks when they are fighting the enemy.

Mumon: The Land of Stealth can remind me of Azumi. But Azumi is a much better movie. Although the story is interesting, there are no characters here that you can fall in love with. They are all self-absorbed, so you won’t find any characters to root for. But the protagonist is so charming during the action scenes that you hope that it will work out for him and the people he loves.

Rating: 5/10

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