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No Time to Die (2021) – English Review

James Bond must stop an evil villain who has evil plans for the world. Just kill him, Bond!

This was the last time Daniel Craig played James Bond. I was curious how his journey would end. I have, of course, watched all the James Bond movies, and I have watched them several times. And this long and boring movie is saved by an ending that fits perfectly. But the rest of the movie is shit!

The major problem with No Time to Die is the mediocre script that has nothing new to offer. It just feels like they have scrapped together old scenes from other James Bond movies, and the result is a movie without a soul. It’s almost a long snoozefest. It’s a boring experience. It’s one of the most boring Bond movies they have made so far.

The only part that feels different is the ending. Since Casino Royale, the James Bond movies have, for the most part, tormented James Bond, and the ending was perfect for me. But I am sure that many others would like a different ending. But thank God, they didn’t get their will!

The villain in the movie is boring. He’s played by the man who was terrible as Freddie Mercury in the awful Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek. And he won an Oscar for that terrible role interpretation. What a sick world we live in!

I liked him when I first discovered him in The Pacific, but after that, I started disliking him. The last nail in the coffin was his terrible and irritating interpretation of Freddie Mercury in the shit movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. He’s a boring and dead actor who has no soul. And he’s more creepy than the creepy guy himself. In my opinion, he must be one of the worst Bond villains so far. I can’t remember every villain, but he almost has no function in this movie. And the script is just bad. So there’s a part in me that can defend him since the script is so bad. But I can’t stand the man. He gives me nothing as an actor. He’s so boring! There’s no life in him!

And then we have the controversy with a female 007. I hate the feminist shit that has been going on for several years now. In a James Bond movie, the women should just look pretty, and do their job in bed to satisfy the man himself. And after that, they have to make breakfast for him. That’s a woman’s job in a man’s world. Shut up, I’m telling the truth!

I know it’s just a number, but I will never watch a James Bond movie with a female James Bond. Go to bed, woman, or go home! This is a man’s world!

And the worst part is that the character is fucking irritating and, for the most part, useless. Did you see how she handles a firearm! It’s disgusting! Just go to bed and stay there until James Bond is finished with killing bad guys!

The actor, Lashana Lynch, is irritating. Where did they find her? She has an ugly aura. Jesus Christ, woman, buy yourself a new soul! She’s so stiff and fake. Did she buy her right-to-act certificate from the same man who sold the same fake certificate to Louis Koo?

The action scenes are disappointing. There are too few of them, and the only action sequence I liked was the long car chase, which ends in the woods with a lot of fog. James Bond must play John Rambo when he kills the people who are chasing after him into the foggy woods, and I liked it. It took me back to the 80s. Yeah, baby!

Daniel Craig is too old to play James Bond in this movie. Just like Roger Moore was too old in, A View to a Kill. I liked the ending because of James Bond’s journey from Casino Royale to No Time to Die. But, without spoiling anything, maybe they shouldn’t have gone there at all with how things developed in No Time to Die. It doesn’t feel quite like James Bond. But times have moved forward, and I like how the movies tormented James Bond from when Daniel Craig took over the role. So the Daniel Craig movies will always feel different and modern except for the stupid introduction of the new 007 in this movie. Keep that feminist shit out of my world! This is a man’s world, and Léa Seydoux is still a hottie! You are a lucky man, Bond!

Rating: 4/10

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