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28 Days Later (2002) – English Review

A man wakes up alone in a hospital after an accident. He doesn’t understand what is going on, but it doesn’t take long before he meets some angry persons who are out to kill him. It turns out that it has been a virus outbreak that turns people into furious maniacs. Now he must try to stay alive as long as possible and hope that he meets some other survivors. Continue reading “28 Days Later (2002) – English Review”

Men (2022) – English Review

A woman rents a house in the countryside after her husband committed suicide. But after finding a tunnel when she’s out taking a walk, a naked man starts stalking her. Who is this man, and why are the men in the village so weird? And why do they all look the same? Continue reading “Men (2022) – English Review”

No Time to Die (2021) – English Review

James Bond must stop an evil villain who has evil plans for the world. Just kill him, Bond! Continue reading “No Time to Die (2021) – English Review”