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Boiling Point (2021) – English Review

We follow a head chef who’s having a stressful night at work with guests and personal problems.

I didn’t have any expectations when I sat down to watch Boiling Point. I love Stephen Graham as an actor, and that was the only reason I wanted to check out the movie.

But the movie is great. They shot the movie in just one take, and the flow they created is something I haven’t experienced before, especially when we follow people working in a restaurant that isn’t that big. I love how the movie follows the staff, and how it switches from one character to another. It’s so smooth!

The protagonist must deal with personal problems and work problems at the same time. He has enough problems, so to be a respected head chef isn’t easy when this is a job that demands so much of him. He has to deal with so much since his staff isn’t completely synchronized.

So we see how the restaurant is run. It’s like a piece of fine machinery, and if someone doesn’t do their job as they are supposed to do, it will ruin the flow. The result is that the heat gets turned up to 10, and the staff ends up yelling at each other. So the restaurant needs a head chef who can take command and stay on top. But the head chef in Boiling Point isn’t mentally present when he needs to take command and be one step ahead of the others.

This isn’t a movie where we get under the skin of the characters and their personal life. The only one who has a life outside the restaurant is the head chef. The other characters just work and small talk, and we see how they deal with stress, arguments, and guests. And that is something the movie does well!

We also meet different customers like a racist and some morons that are influencers. So the creators behind the movie want to show the viewers how uncomfortable guests can be with the way they behave and communicate. Use your brain when you eat, stupid idiots!

Rating: 8/10

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