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Highlight Reel: The Peeping Tom (1997)

Hot legs, he is coming for you!

A serial killer and a serial lover trick his victim. And since she’s a woman, he knows her weakness. Look a baby! Ring the bell! She is knocked out! And after he’s finished with her and taken his trophy, a woman discovers the rest of her body. Call the police! Now!

A cop calls his sexy girlfriend, who is also a cop, and her sister takes a long shower. She’s enjoying her new soap for seven minutes or so, and my conclusion is that she needs a boyfriend. I hope she puts that soap bar in the trash after she’s done with it. Or maybe the soap bar is inside of her? Sorry, I can’t remember!

The serial killer and a lover of women with hot legs are out scouting for his next victim when he falls in love with the protagonist with hot legs during a shootout. She will be his, even if her boyfriend is also a cop. She saves the day, but she’s injured. She has to go to the hospital. But she isn’t there for long. She’s a fighter!

Let’s enjoy the moment together with the lover of hot-legged women. And do you wonder why he’s wearing those cool sunglasses in every scene? That makes the lover of hot-legged women invincible!

After a long wait outside the protagonist’s apartment, he finally breaks into her apartment. He takes a bath and washes himself using her bra, and he loves living there without her knowing it. But that was a close call. Let’s see where his eyes are fixed. Where is he now? I can’t see him. Oh, there he is. Everything is fine. You are a safe woman. He watches over you!

But he needs to talk to her face to face, and she doesn’t know that she’s talking to the serial killer and lover of women she is hunting. He is playing with her! He talks a lot of nonsense and leaves her some presents. Then her lightbulb turns on inside her empty head, and she understands who the man is! It’s the man she’s hunting! But is she the hunter or the prey? Hot legs! Yeah, baby!

Then when the man is relaxing and waiting for his woman and her hot legs, her sister comes home, and the serial killer must teach her a lesson. And as we see, he’s inspired by Jackie Chan. She is down! And he has also trained with Roger Moore because here comes the karate chop! Ouch! That woman is sleeping!

Hey sister, we are home! Who trashed my apartment? There he is! Why does he have a photograph of my sister? They never caught him.

The serial killer wants to party with the sister he knocked out in his van. While the lover of hot-legged women is having a good time with the sister, another woman who is not hot tries to ruin his moment by writing him a parking ticket! That’s sick, and maybe a little bit disturbing. Who writes a parking ticket when a serial killer and a serial lover are making love? A greedy pervert?

The protagonist with the hot legs is trying to find her sister after the serial killer gave her a call. But first, she must get rid of her boyfriend, who is stalking her. The serial killer and lover of women must teach her a lesson that she is his. She is out!

So he makes a great catch, but he should never have let her loose because she breaks his heart. But she’s soon out of the game again. So he must party with her sister first. After he is finished with the sister, and since he’s the man who understands women, he shaves her hot legs, brands her, and breaks the sister’s neck by accident. She complained to him that she still had a sore neck after the karate chop to the neck he gave her in the apartment. Women are never satisfied. Well, woman, I hope you are happy now! He watched an Indian barber do that to a white customer on YouTube.

The protagonist burns down his hiding place, and the man has no more legs he can admire. His trophy room is in flames! All the hot legs he has collected are gone!

The sadness is in every scene. The mother is sad, and the boyfriend is sad. But I don’t care. They can cry a river, and I will find a little boat and laugh at them and their sorrow while I swim in their tears!

A reporter angers the serial killer and serial lover while he’s working. He calls him a freak and a pervert, or something like that. He doesn’t like that. But hey, the man can tie some fine knots!

Oh no, it’s that trick again! Even manly men can’t resist a baby crying in a dark alley. Now her boyfriend must die! And since he’s wearing his sunglasses, he is invincible! So bye, bye, stupid boyfriend, you are no longer needed! And why were you in this movie? You were useless! You should never fight a superhero! Stupid idiot!

The woman is done for the day, and she’s going home. Wait! It’s him! The crazy man doesn’t sleep! You can’t say that the serial killer and lover of women is a lazy man!

She follows him, sneaks around, and there he is! She shoots him several times! Yes, it’s finally over! Wait a moment! No, it’s the boring boyfriend! He wasn’t dead, but when you give a woman a gun, you have to expect this to happen. The pain is too much to bear. Bye, bye, cruel world! Well, that didn’t work, did it? Never give a woman a gun! Never give a woman a car. In fact, don’t give her anything! That’s my rule!

Two idiots, who are of course women, flirt with the serial killer and serial lover, and that was the last anyone saw of them. They asked for it, and they were stupid, and they weren’t hot. So it’s not a big loss. Next scene!

The serial killer and lover of women have a bloody nightmare, and he needs a drink since there are two dead bodies behind him. He turns on the TV, and there’s that reporter guy again who insults him. Now he’s had enough!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s me, serial man. Oh look, the reporter has a white trophy in the bathtub! Time to party or? Hey, that’s a foul! Red card to the serial killer and lover of women! But first, he must take some creepy pictures of the white woman and serve her today’s special.

And here comes the reporter with the big mouth. The reporter is under pressure, and the police rush to his house, where they find the white trophy. She’s asleep, like, forever!

It’s time for the funeral, but the protagonist didn’t expect this. The serial killer and lover of women have stolen her boyfriend’s legs!

The hot-legged cop has had enough. She needs a gun since she’s suspended after killing her boyfriend. She steals a gun and a car. It’s her birthday, and no one is going to stop her from celebrating herself!

Surprise! Look who’s celebrating her birthday! A group of money-hungry hags, and the lover of hot-legged women who have found a new girlfriend who likes to play it hard and dirty. Oh yeah, looking great, old hag! Looking good!

But first, he has to tell her a disturbing story while they are dancing. It’s a story of when he was young and had a nightmare of all nightmares. A pair of woman’s legs were chasing him with a knife! All he could see was a pair of legs chasing him! That messed him up and turned him into the man he is today. And he turned out to become a fine and reasonable man.

But he wants to have some fun now with the old hag. She has brought the rope and the gag, and she is ready for some fun. Up to the roof, they go.

The protagonist disturbs the couple, and as we can see, the old hag is angry at her daughter. Look at how sexy he has tied me up, daughter! How dare you disturb your mother! It’s not easy to get some at my age!

But the serial killer and lover of women want to enjoy the protagonist’s legs first. What are you doing woman? She starts cutting her hot legs, but it’s a trap!

They start fighting, and the hot-legged cop hits him in the face, and the cool sunglasses are off. And down he goes, almost. But after five minutes of dialog, she finally cuts the rope, and the last thing he sees are hot legs. Rest in peace, man. Rest in peace. You were too cool for this world.

The end.

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