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She Shoots Straight (1990) – English Review

A Vietnamese criminal gang takes the trip over to Hong Kong to rob a nightclub or nightclubs, I can’t remember. But they don’t expect that a family of cops is going to ruin their plans.

She Shoots Straight is directed by Corey Yuen, and in the roles, we find actors like Sammo Hung, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Carina Lau, Yuen Wah, and Joyce Godenzi.

She Shoots Straight has some good action scenes, but there is too much focus on the poorly written characters and their lack of intelligence. The family of cops is so irritating. I don’t remember how many women there are in this rotten family, but there are too many, and they behave like children. It’s embarrassing to watch, and so is Joyce Godenzi’s acting talent. She married Sammo Hung in 1995, and we should all thank God that she retired when she still was young. Her hair is disgusting, but it looks like she can move and kick under the action scenes. She delivers a really impressive kick toward the end of the movie. I don’t know much about this woman with an ugly hairstyle, but she impressed me when she had to woman up and show some fighting skills.

Carina Lau is the second worst character in the movie. She is the hothead in the family, and you wish that Yuen Wah will put a bullet in her stupid head. The problem is that it wouldn’t make a difference, because she is already braindead!

The villains are underwritten. The leader is Yuen Wah, but he gets so little screen time. I loved the stupid scene when he sets a trap to kill the idiots in the idiot family. It’s such a silly but cool scene with the traps. Welcome to Vietnam, stupid idiots!

There’s a lot of cheesy melodrama in She Shoots Straight. I’m not here to watch bad melodrama with characters who act like they are 12 years old because they are jealous of the protagonist, who is married to their brother and has a brain. She’s not ready to lay down with her long, sexy legs to pop out some babies. She’s a career woman who can kick and fight, and she has more balls than the men she’s working with.

At least one of the sisters in the family is also a racist. And the mother is a loose woman. Yes, I said it! She is, and I’m certain she likes it rough with a filthy sock in her mouth! Stupid idiot woman who loves money and dirty sex. You should be ashamed of yourself! Give me a call, I have some dirty socks ready!

I’m here to watch Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah fight, but wait! Sammo Hung is almost absent, and when you think he will fight towards the end, you will be so disappointed. What was the point of having a martial artist like Sammo Hung when you don’t use him? Was he injured? What was the point? Can someone help me out? Was he too sexy so that the women in the movie complained to the director?

The action highlights are at the beginning of the movie and the showdown, but my God! There is one character who you would expect would fight against the protagonist, but no. At least the character dies an unexpected death I didn’t see coming. And the stunt is really impressive!

She Shoots Straight is a movie that has too much bad dialog and a lot of cheesy and terrible drama scenes. And why is the cop who runs the show such a jerk? What’s his problem? Is it because he can’t get the woman he wants that looks like a man, and who can’t act? Is it? Or is he just a dirty pervert? The man got issues, that’s for sure.

Rating: 5/10

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