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Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) – English Review

Donnie Yen tries to be Sammo Hung, but he’s cheating!

A cop who works too much is experiencing a severe breakup. He was a slim and handsome man, now he looks like a flat testicle. He gets an assignment to transport a Japanese man who has been arrested in Hong Kong to Japan. There, he also meets his former girlfriend. She doesn’t know that she’s dealing with criminals and dangerous people, and the cop with the testicle-face must protect her from the bad guys.

Enter the Fat Dragon from 2020 is a remake of the movie with the same name from 1978 starring Sammo Hung. Most people were pretty sure that this movie would stink. I have seen the original movie from 1978, but that was many years ago, so I can’t compare these two movies. Donnie Yen is not a comedic actor, nor does it help that the script is rubbish.

The fight scenes are good when Donnie Yen can show off his martial arts skills. But the movie spends a lot of time on a dumb romance plot that doesn’t work. And Niki Chow, who plays Donnie Yen’s girlfriend, is awful and annoying in this role!

The humor is disgusting! Chinese comedy movies sometimes have very childish humor, which is difficult to watch if you haven’t hit your head several times in your lifetime. The only fun scene is when Donnie Yen fights in a van against some villains. The driver gets injured several times while trying to keep the van on the road. It smells of Jackie Chan in this scene.

And it wasn’t fun to see Wong Jing in a role where it looks like he’s trying to look like the legend Sammo Hung. He looks like a second testicle, just more disgusting than the testicle face Donnie Yen has here.

Even if you are a fan of Donnie Yen, it’s unnecessary to watch Enter the Fat Dragon. And I didn’t understand the point of making Donnie Yen so fat when he moves like he’s thin. The whole concept is silly. There’s only one Sammo Hung, and there’s only one Donnie Yen. He might as well have played himself as usual. But had it made Enter the Fat Dragon a better movie? No!

Rating: 3/10

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