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Opera (1987) – English Review

A hot opera singer is terrorized by a crazy person who kills people close to her, and he makes her watch when he kills someone. Can someone stop the crazy person?

Many fans of Dario Argento love this movie. I’m not the biggest fan of Opera. It’s an entertaining movie, but it takes a while before something happens. The first 30 minutes are brutal! Nothing is happening, and I had problems keeping my eyes glued to the screen. It’s so boring that you have to ask yourself if you are watching one of the best movies Dario Argento has directed.

But after the terrible first act, the pace picks up, and the fun begins. Well, after the terrible raven scene that lasts forever when the murderer is spending some quality time with the opera ravens. What a stupid scene! Stupid opera ravens!

The movie has some graphic moments, but I was a little disappointed with the way the murderer kills his victims. I wish we could have seen more closeups when he tries to remove a necklace from a woman’s mouth after he killed her. That scene could have been so cool if Lucio Fulci was behind the camera. The gore could have been amped up more. But the way the woman is behaving before she is killed is embarrassing! It seems like she doesn’t understand that she’s acting in a Giallo movie. She’s so goofy with her awful role interpretation.

My favorite part of the movie is when the hot opera singer is being chased forever. She doesn’t get to rest much, and even if the actress isn’t the best, she’s hot! But the scene when she witness the first murder and her reaction afterward almost made me cry. That’s some horrible acting! But she’s still hot!

The ending is a mess, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The ending is in fact fish! If you accept this stupid ending, you should be ashamed! Only fanboys, and I hate fanboys, can accept this nonsense. The last five minutes are so bad that I recommend you to watch the movie without people in the room. It feels like Dario Argento lost half of his brain in the last 5 minutes of the movie.

Rating: 6/10

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