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Endgame aka End Game (2021) – English Review

An assassin hits his head and loses his memory. A loser takes over his identity while the assassin tries to regain his memory.

After five minutes I got a deja vu. The opening scene when the loser tries to hang himself, and when the assassin played by Andy Lau hits his head, was so familiar. And yes, it turns out that Endgame is a remake of the Japanese movie from 2012, Key of Life. I didn’t like that movie, but I still gave End Game a chance. The South Koreans have also made a remake called Luck Key (2016).

But what’s the point when you know how the Chinese, stupid, childish censorship will fuck it all up with the ending? To hell with CCP and their craziness! This is the reason I puke when gambling on a Chinese mainland movie that has crime elements in it. The ending is so stupid, and the Chinese audience should be embarrassed over the CCP brainwashing.

Endgame is also too long. The runtime is almost two hours but it should have been 90 minutes. I enjoyed the first hour. It’s a good-looking movie, and the actors are mostly solid. But there’s also xsome sort of coldness here. I didn’t care about the characters.

The movie mixes comedy and drama, and the drama part takes over in the last 30 minutes. But I didn’t care if any of the good guys were hurt or were in grave danger of dying. They feel so fabricated. They feel like Chinese robots, and you just wait for the stupid ending where the censorship takes over and tells us what happened to the characters. It’s embarrassing!

Rating: 3/10

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