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The Deep House (2021) – English Review

A couple has decided to scuba dive in a lake they have never visited before. They meet a stranger who tells them that there’s a house under the water they should see. And the stupid couple does that, and they will regret it! Stupid idiots!

The Deep House is directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. They have made the cult classic Inside (2007). I have always liked their movies, and I was looking forward to watching The Deep House, even if the feedback has been mediocre. It doesn’t seem like they will make a crazy movie like Inside (2007) again. Nowadays, it feels like they are making dark fairytales movies for adults.

If we don’t count the last movie they made before The Deep House, which was the disappointing Leatherface, The Deep House is so far their weakest movie. It offers a lot of what I expect, but my big problem is that the evil family in the movie has no personality. 

The script is weak. We only get to see a few seconds when the family is doing their evil and crazy things. Other than that, there’s no backstory here at all. And the family members don’t have any sort of personality. They just show up, and that’s that.

The Deep House is a movie that burns slowly. It’s a movie that focuses on the atmosphere, and visually it looks great. I liked the first hour, but I didn’t feel that the movie reached a climax. 

I love the buildup when the couple gets inside the spooky house under the water. And I also like some of the first scenes when the family members show up and how they move underwater. It’s like zombies underwater, and the movie has a few suspenseful and creepy scenes.

But even if the movie is short with a runtime of around 85 minutes, the plot feels a little repetitive. When none of the family members have any personality, the tension drops in the last 15 minutes. I didn’t care about what would happen to the couple.

I liked the ending, and I sort of expected it. So that was an appropriate ending. But overall, this was a slight disappointment. I expected more.

Rating: 5/10

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