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Inside (2007) – English Review

A heavily pregnant woman gets an unexpected visit one night. And her uninvited guest is not of the friendly type.

Inside has a simple plot that offers no surprises. I immediately understood why the crazy woman was terrorizing the protagonist. The story takes place inside a house, and there will be a lot of dead bodies to pick up after the crazy woman has created hell on earth for those who dare to enter the house.

The two female actors deliver good role interpretations. Especially Béatrice Dalle who plays the crazy woman. She’s creepy, with an enormous gap between her front teeth and a giant lower lip.

The killings and the use of violence are some of the most intense scenes I have seen in a movie. Besides the graphic scenes, it also helps to have good sound effects that amplify the violence and intensity. The sound effects are brilliant. In the most intense scenes, you hear heartbeats that increase the tension in the scenes. And the sound effects also help to create a tense atmosphere, and you sit in your chair and wait for some crazy and graphic violence. This is so fun!

Inside has a depressing mood before all hell breaks loose. And then the blood and gore take over for the rest of the movie. The plot goes mostly on rails, but something unexpected happens towards the end of the movie that doesn’t happen in Hollywood movies.

I just have to mention the start when the antagonist first appears outside the protagonist’s house. What an amazing sequence we are witnessing here! Especially when she hits her fist, so the glass cracks. This is the reason I love movies! And the first time she’s inside the house is perfectly shot. What a scary ghost woman!

Inside has no problems with the pace because the runtime is only around 82 minutes. The protagonist spends a lot of time in the bathroom. But don’t be afraid, because the protagonist gets a lot of guests and they get theirs. It surprised me how many people she killed during the short runtime.

Inside is a raw and graphic movie that has some wild and energetic scenes. I love slasher movies that show us close-ups of the injuries when someone stabs another person and we see blood squirting out of the wound. I also love to see good practical effects, I have always liked it since I was young and dumb. But I can’t stand the sight of real blood. If anyone is bleeding around me, I’m the first man running away and you will just see a dust cloud in the distance. So don’t ask me for help if you are hurt!

If you like slasher movies, you must watch Inside. This is a real classic!

Rating: 10/10

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