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The Rapeman (1993) – English Review

Righting wrongs through penetration!

A man and his uncle offer a strange service where the youngest man gets paid to rape women who hasn’t been kind and who deserves it. And the money they earn goes to various charitable causes because they are so kind! What is this sick shit?

It has been made 9 movies I think in this movie series, which is based on a Japanese manga from the 70s. 9 movies! And if this is true, the mastermind behind the manga is a woman! But at the same time, it didn’t come as a big surprise. There are many women out there with dirt fantaysies.

The Rapeman has a sick title, and one would think a movie like this is very dark. But it’s not. The movie focuses more on the story than the rape scenes.

The rape scenes are not funny, they are bad to put it that way. Even perverted people will be disappointed with the rape scenes. What the protagonist does when he overpowers his victims is handcuffing the women and then fuck them so they don’t forget what bad things they have done when they have been bad. He also pumps them for crucial information. Yes, he pumps them hard!

And if you are perverted and think you will see a lot of naked female bodies, then you are watching the wrong movie. Some naked breasts are everything we get to see, and lots of close-ups when he punishes the naughty women.

The protagonist who is a schoolteacher is tricked, and it turns out that it’s a rotten politician who has tricked him. So the movie spends a lot of time on boring characters. It feels like you’re watching a cheap crime episode from the 80s. And by that I mean cheap!

You can imagine watching a sleazy episode of Magnum, PI, where Tom Selleck is raping and pumping women for information. You have been a naughty woman, now feel the long penis of the law. Those crazy Japanese!

The runtime is only 75 minutes, and that’s something you should be happy about. The story is boring. The characters are quite annoying, and you, who are reading or watching this review. What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have a life or something? Get the fuck out of here! You sick pervert!

Rating: 1/10

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