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Halloween Kills (2021) – English Review

But Michael Myers wasn’t dead.

Halloween Kills starts where the last movie ended. Michael Myers isn’t dead, and he has unfinished business in town to take care of.

I loved the previous movie. After the original movie, my favorite movie in this franchise is Halloween (2018). And I also like the director, David Gordon Green, who also directed the previous movie. So I thought that Halloween Kills was in competent hands. Oh boy, was I wrong!

The script is a big mess. Even if Halloween Kills doesn’t have as many obnoxious characters as the characters you find in a Rob Zombie movie, I could feel the spirit of Rob Zombie in Halloween Kills. What happened during the production of this movie? The previous movie was like a movie sent from heaven, and Halloween Kills is a movie sent from hell. Damn you, Satan! You devil! Nah, I’m just kidding! I love you, man! We are best friends forever!

The primary focus in Halloween Kills is to show graphic violence. I love that, but I also must have some characters that I feel are interesting and that there’s something they fight for that we all can relate to. They fight for their lives, but who are most of these morons running around? They don’t deserve our sympathy. Stupid idiots!

But this shit is just awful! Even if the characters aren’t as obnoxious as in the Halloween movies directed by Rob Zombie, they are almost in the same category. They are a bunch of morons, and I ended up rooting for Michael Myers to kill them all! What a bunch of idiots! The long sequence at the hospital is embarrassing to watch. Who the hell came up with this idea? Morons! They are sick morons!

And what’s up with the two gay characters, small and big John? Are you serious? What kind of humor is this? Are they supposed to be charming? It’s so childish!

There’s no story here. There are too many characters to keep track of, and none of them are interesting. So all we are left with is Michael Myers, who is killing a bunch of people and even the death scenes are pretty boring. It’s not enough to show a lot of gore. There must be something at stake here, and there aren’t many energetic death scenes in Halloween Kills.

I liked the scene at the end when Michael Myers manhandles a character, and it ends with Michael Myers snapping his neck. That’s the intense, dramatic energy I’m after. But that’s the only scene I liked in the whole movie.

Halloween Kills is pure trash. It’s a movie without a story. It’s a movie without any meaning, and it’s a movie that doesn’t have a heart. Halloween Kills should never have been made. But because of the success of the previous movie, they just had to make a sequel to that. And it seems like they also will release a movie next year. I’m not looking forward to that! It’s a bad sign if they wrote the script while they wrote the script to this shit movie!

Rating: 1/10

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