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Drive My Car (2021) – English Review

A stage actor, who’s also a stage director, tries to move on with his life after his wife died. But he can’t let her go, and he meets other people who are also sad and a little lost. Will they help each other out and make life easier to live?

Drive My Car is one of the movies that movie lovers have praised and hyped the most in 2021. It’s a movie you must watch! It’s a fantastic movie! What have they been smoking! This is not a masterpiece!

I watch a lot of Japanese movies. Japanese drama movies are slow, and that’s why I like them. But Drive My Car is an overrated movie you should be careful spending your precious time on.

The problem with this movie is that the runtime is three hours. And it doesn’t help that the protagonist is a boring man. It’s like watching paint dry when we follow this lost man around doing his daily chores. I wanted to punch him in the face so many times that he died so the movie would show me the end screen and I could live my life again.

Drive My Car tries to keep it real with a lot of emotional pain and suffering. But I laughed out loud several times. I couldn’t connect with the suffering characters. They are so boring!

The only character I found interesting was the driver played by Tôko Miura. She’s the one who carries this movie on her shoulders. But her character is so unlikeable. She’s like a grumpy, old grandmother from hell. She won’t get laid with that attitude! I can promise you that!

The protagonist, played by Hidetoshi Nishijima, is boring and almost empty. I didn’t like this character, and the actor seems confused. He’s also too stiff. When he opens his mouth, and the misery pours out of his mouth, it doesn’t sound natural. It feels and sounds like he’s reading a script. I can tell you he’s no Phillip Seymour Hoffman! Just so you know, he was my favorite actor.

Drive My Car is a movie that should have been one hour shorter. There’s not enough substance here to defend a runtime of three hours. I hate movies like Drive My Car when I don’t get a connection with the characters. The movie lost me early on. The characters feel like miserable movie characters, and I couldn’t take them seriously.

I love movies where we follow damaged and confused characters. They can be interesting if the script is well written and tight. But the script is so disappointing. The characters talk and talk. They talk so much that I started talking with myself and said some crazy things. But the more they talked, the more I started to hate them. I didn’t feel like I got under their skin that the movie tries to do. The connection was cut, and I almost went crazy watching this stupid movie!

Drive My Car was such an enormous disappointment. I want to cry now. I wish the stupid protagonist and his grumpy driver crashed and died after one hour. I didn’t get my wish fulfilled.

Rating: 4/10

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