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Maanaadu (2021) – English Review

A man is stuck in a time loop where he must stop a politician from getting killed by some bad people. Will he save the day?

I love time loop movies, and one of my favorite movies in this genre is Edge of Tomorrow. The protagonist must learn from his mistakes, but even if he learns from his mistakes, the time loop doesn’t stop. There is always something that changes, and that’s when the corrupt cop comes into the picture, played by  S.J. Suryah. He’s the big highlight of the movie. I loved this character and the actor playing him. Especially the slow-motion scenes and his entrance music is outstanding! He could be a professional wrestler!

Oh my, I have to repeat myself over and over again. But the runtime, the runtime is just too long. The first half-hour is pretty boring, but then the movie wakes up, and it’s so entertaining until the last half hour when the pace slows down. Again, this movie would have been so much better had it been 40 minutes shorter. Can someone in India please make some shorter movies? Many of the movies you make are so good and entertaining! But for God’s sake, stop dragging out the runtime! I can’t stand that! I need a tight movie where I forget to breathe!

The action scenes are mediocre, and there are too many quick cuts. So I guess they did it to hide that the actors aren’t that great in close combat situations. It doesn’t look that good. The long action scene is pretty cool when the protagonist fight, dies, fight, dies and it goes on for several minutes. But he continues from where he last died, so there’s not much repeating the same scene over and over again. I appreciated that.

What I appreciated the most was the humor and playful tone the movie has. You know this will end well for the protagonist and his friends. Maanaadu also focuses on politics. If you need a scapegoat, use a Muslim to create chaos and hatred towards that group. So it has something to say. But do we care about that when we watch a movie that’s out to entertain us and where the protagonist is stuck in a time loop? No!

Maanaadu is an entertaining movie, but the runtime is just too long.

Rating: 7/10

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