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Robotrix (1991) – English Review

Billy Chow is a mean man!

Three women must stop an evil scientist who has transferred his mind to a robot who loves to kill sex workers. One of the women has just died after the evil scientist shot and killed her. A scientist has transferred her mind to a robot that looks exactly like her. So the mad scientist is in trouble! Here comes the bouncing melon patrol! 

So it took me almost half an hour before I discovered that the woman I thought was Amy Yip wasn’t Amy Yip. I thought she was playing two roles. But thank God, I was wrong. I just needed more sleep before I watched the movie. But remember, I’m the sleepy, creepy, pervert guy, so I’m excused!

This isn’t an entertaining movie. It’s a cheap and ugly-looking movie with a script that belongs in the trash. The movie has one brilliant scene which is early in the movie when Billy Chow is having a good time with a woman who can’t handle and take his manliness. But you don’t say no to Billy Chow. He is finished when he’s finished! You don’t tell Billy Chow to stop! That will end badly for hot women like the hottie in this scene.

But after that cool, hot, and funny scene, the movie never follows up with more crazy and funny scenes. The fight scenes are awful. None of the women can fight. Two of them are having problems moving because of their big airbags. So stuntmen with ugly wigs, who you can tell aren’t the actors, must take over to fight the mighty Billy Chow. But that doesn’t help much at all. You can’t polish a turd.

But I hope the penis we see when Billy Chow has had some fun with the scientist woman was a fake one! You can barely see it! Did he take an ice bath before the scene? You have to zoom in to spot it. Not that I did that! What do you take me for?

But I’m certain I saw Amy Yip’s nipple! She thought she was so smart in these movies, but she couldn’t predict high-definition video. I didn’t need to use my magnifying glass. So the hunt for Amy Yip’s nipples is over for this time!

Robotrix isn’t an entertaining, bad movie. It’s just a bad movie with terrible action scenes and a silly plot. I expected so much more craziness than what this turd of a movie delivered. The only highlights are the first crazy sex scene with Billy Chow, and the hot Japanese actress, who I thought was Amy Yip. But she’s much hotter than the terrible and old-looking Amy Yip! Queen of buns, you are out!

Rating: 1/10

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