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Ninja III: The Domination (1984) – English Review

ninja 3 the domination

An evil ninja is out for revenge, and he possesses a woman, so he can kill the cops who killed him. And as we all know, only a ninja can kill a ninja. So there’s just one man who can stop the evil ninja, and that’s the ninja King himself, Sho Kosugi!

Ninja III: The Domination wasn’t one of my favorite ninja movies when I grew up. The reason for that was that I couldn’t accept a woman as a ninja. But when I became older and wiser, I no longer care about a woman being a ninja at all. All I demand is that she’s fit and that she has big breasts. As you can tell, I’ve become a better and more mature person with age.

I thought I would hate the movie because it wasn’t a movie I watched many times when I was a young ninja myself. This is a stupid movie that I feel tries to be very serious. It’s pretty dark, and it tries to make the evil ninja more intimidating.

But it doesn’t succeed with that. I smiled and laughed several times during the runtime. Especially the opening sequence is just awesome when the evil ninja turns himself into a berserker. He kills around 30 crazy cops in the opening sequence. Craziness is a word that fits Ninja III: The Domination.

I was a little disappointed with the showdown. Usually, the last fight in these types of movies is the highlight. But the crazy and energetic opening sequence is still the best, followed by the funeral sequence. The battle between good and evil becomes boring and very static in the showdown.

Sho Kosugi is a terrible actor. He looks so weird with his big, hairy head and an eyepatch. He also uses eyeliner! So does the evil ninja! What is this fish? And it’s hard to watch Sho Kosugi’s overacting. He overacts so much when he fights! Look at his goofy facial expressions! He poses more than Donnie Yen, for Christ’s sake! 

The action choreography isn’t good at all. You can see that the sword never touches the person who’s getting killed. It’s so lazy! But the poor action choreography will put a smile on your face when they try so hard to be cool and a little crazy. American ninja movies are something different.

Ninja III: The Domination is a movie you have to watch if you love ninja movies and craziness. If you have dreamed of seeing Sarah Connor as a ninja, Ninja III: The Domination, is the movie that will fulfill your dream. The movie stinks. But for ninja fans like myself, I sometimes enjoy the smell of poop in the morning. There’s something special about watching a bad movie that entertains you. And this movie is entertaining!


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