Furie (2019) – English Review

A woman must save her daughter from a group of criminals who kidnap children so they can sell their organs. But they kidnapped the wrong daughter, for this mother can kick some serious ass and she is not afraid to die!

I haven’t seen so many movies from Vietnam. The Rebel (2007) was a pretty good martial arts movie, where we also found the woman who has the leading role in Furie, Veronica Ngo. She is good, but she is not a new Michelle Yeoh or JeeJa Yanin.

Her type of martial-arts becomes too monotonous in terms of how martial-arts movies have evolved, and that shows in Furie. For the fight choreography lacks energy, it is only in the final fight against the main villain that we get to see and feel proper energy.

But up until then, we have mostly seen generic and tame fight choreography that might work for the Vietnamese audience, but for the rest of us who have seen a fair number of martial-arts movies, this is too lame and boring.

The story is of course bad. The mother is searching for her daughter, she beats up villains and everything leads up to the great showdown against another woman who is the boss of this group who kidnaps children so that they can sell their organs.

The action scenes and the plot is predictable all the time, and we know that this will end well for both mother and daughter. There’s nothing new to see here, seen it before, seen it much better. Furie never manages to engage in any way. To do that it must have had created better characters and much more variation when it comes to the action scenes.

Rating: 4/10

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