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My Sassy Girl (2001) – English Review

my sassy girl

A young man meets a drunk woman on the train home. After that meeting, he will never forget her again.

My Sassy Girl is the best romantic comedy ever made. The best part is that the movie is based on a true story. Everything is almost identical to what happened in reality, except for the ending.

The actors in the movie do a brilliant job, and they have chemistry out of the ordinary. Cha Tae-hyun, who plays the man, isn’t a chick magnet. And he’s constantly beaten by his mother. Jun Ji-hyun, who plays the woman without a name, is brilliant in this movie. She’s best known for her roles in drama movies, and she’s very convincing as a crazy woman!

The man does everything for this woman, and then I mean everything. She mourns the loss of her boyfriend, who suddenly died. The man feels he has been given a task in life. And that’s to make this woman happy again.

She makes him do the craziest things, like switching shoes with her. She takes his sneakers, and he has to run around in her high-heeled shoes. It’s a classic scene. She hits him in the face so he can barely eat. She scolds people who do something wrong in her eyes. She’s crazy, and you believe her when she keeps asking him if he wants to die. She stares at him with those crazy eyes!

What makes My Sassy Girl even better is the soundtrack that fits 100%. Especially the scene when the woman is at school and is playing Pachelbel Canon. That is one of the most beautiful and romantic scenes I have ever seen. That scene sends chills down my spine. South Koreans are masters at combining images and music that melts your heart and touches your soul.

You will laugh, and you will shed some tears when you watch this masterpiece. That’s the truth because you will never forget My Sassy Girl. It combines comedy and drama in a way I have never experienced before. I’m a person who likes action movies and horror movies. Romantic comedy movies are mostly very generic. But this movie makes even Vikings like me get tears in my eyes. In reality, I have very dry eyes! I’ve probably seen this movie ten times already, and I’m not done watching it. It’s a fantastic movie. It’s the best movie in the world!

If you feel the need to cry, then I recommend the even sadder Windstruck. Windstruck has the same director, and Jun Ji-hyun is back as a crazy policewoman. The movie has many similarities to My Sassy Girl, but it’s really sad after the first hour is over. It made me cry! It’s the only movie that made the white devil Viking king cry! That’s crazy! And don’t you dare to tell anyone. I will find you, and I will make you cry so hard when I twist your nipples! Yes, I will twist both of them!

Rating: 10/10

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