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Namiya (2017) – English Review

Money will solve all of your problems! China says so!

Three orphan youths are hiding in an abandoned building after they broke into a house and did minor damage. They find out that there’s something special about the building they are hiding in. It turns out that they can send letters to the past, and they can also receive letters from the past. What’s happening?

Namiya is based on a Japanese novel that I have no knowledge of. Namiya is a somewhat empty and substanceless movie, although it thinks it has a lot of deep substance. When I saw that Jackie Chan was in the movie, I had to watch it as I try to watch all the movies he’s in if he has a bigger role.

In this movie, he plays an old man who has a special shop. He tries to be a kind and good old man, and we follow selected people who he’s had contact with. For example, with the exchange of letters or a personal meeting. He’s constantly trying to come up with some words of wisdom. And who is best to come up with words of wisdom and sermons? Jackie Chan! You have been a bad, bad boy! Why can’t we all be a happy family? Don’t fight! Don’t fight! I’m gonna beat you up! I’m gonna give you hell! Don’t fight! Don’t fight! I’m gonna kick your ass! Violence is not the answer! If you are not gonna listen to me, I’m gonna beat you up!

But this is a movie that doesn’t engage with its half-empty and uninteresting characters. I felt like this was a movie for kids, because there’s not much substance here. If you want to see a good and heartwarming movie that deals with the exchange of letters from the past and the future, watch the South Korean film, Il Mare. That movie is in a different league than this junk.

I knew I never should have watched this movie. It’s a mainland China movie with a ridiculous message that it will end well for you if you buy shares and make lots of money to help homeless children. There’s some nauseating Chinese message throughout the movie that made me sick.
Frankly, I think Jackie Chan should be ashamed and know better than selling his soul to the Chinese government. But he has to protect his stupid son. Shame on you Jackie and your stupid and spoiled son!

Rating: 2/10

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