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The Gigolo (2015) – English Review

A student gets kicked out of school, and he gets a job as a gigolo. But the road to becoming King of gigolos is long and hard! Did you get it? Long and hard!

If you’re going to watch a sexy and erotic movie with no substance, then you have come to the right place. We follow a student who has a large penis. And after he gets kicked out of school, he must try to support his mother, who can’t work because of an illness. He has a cousin who finds out that he can become a gigolo since he has a large penis. And then his journey begins. Will he be the new King of gigolos?

The acting is awful, and I can say the same thing about the whole script. It’s a movie where men wear makeup, and it feels like you are watching a slick Michael Bay movie. The movie is so empty. It’s so empty that when you say the name of the movie, you can hear an echo for all eternity. The Gigolo, the Gigolo, the Gigolo, the Gigolo!

The sex scenes are not sexy at all. It’s just a bunch of lazy sex scenes. And towards the end, the movie tries to be dramatic when it turns out that a woman the gigolo has slept with is the stepmom of his new girlfriend. The big problem is that her husband is a violent man. He’s a pervert who likes to have his men around him when he’s having sex with his wife. So this is a fucked-up family!

Then the movie tries to be dramatic towards the end. Like someone cares about cheap women and a gigolo who wears make-up! What a sick world we live in!

This movie should never have been made. It’s just a waste of time. Never watch this movie! It will make you puke! It’s so slick and empty. In 20 years, Michael Bay will make a movie like this!

Rating: 1/10

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