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Ghost Mansion (2021) – English Review

A webtoon artist gets obsessed with an old apartment complex. It has a reputation of being haunted, and he meets a caretaker that tells him stories of some missing tenants.

I never have high expectations when I sit down to watch smaller horror movies. But they also surprise me sometimes, and Ghost Mansion is a movie that surprised me.

The story takes place in an old apartment complex where several tenants have disappeared. So the protagonist tries to figure out the mystery. Several stories are told here. I think it’s around five different stories. Several of the characters cross paths in a few scenes, but they don’t have a connection to each other. They are all stars in their own story.

The major mystery is what’s going on in the old apartment complex. There are different stories about the building and the ground it stands on.

There’s nothing new to see here. But I can’t say that the movie does much wrong. Some of the stories are better than other stories in the movie. But I was surprised by the overall quality.

I especially liked the story with the woman, and her lover, who she thinks is in the bathroom. This story and how it’s executed is the highlight of the movie. It’s so simple but so effective. The tension and atmosphere are fantastic!

I also liked the story when a young man is visiting his friend who has bad skin and is eating rotten food. It’s creepy, and the atmosphere is great.

The only story I felt dragged down the quality was the last story. It felt too long, and when we finally get the answer to the big mystery, it felt a little flat and generic. But other than that, this is an entertaining horror movie that didn’t surprise me. But it has tension in several scenes, and it also creates the right atmosphere.

Rating: 6/10

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