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Nordsjøen (2021) aka North Sea aka The Burning Sea – English Review

After an oil platform is evacuated, a man is trapped there, and the only one who can save him is his girlfriend.

I knew nothing about the plot when I sat down to watch Nordsjøen aka North Sea aka The Burning Sea. So I didn’t know if this was just a regular disaster movie or if it was a monster movie. It turned out to be a disaster movie. This is the third Norwegian disaster movie in a row. First, it was The Wave (2015). Then it was The Quake (2018), and now it’s Nordsjøen aka North Sea (2021).

It also has some environmental messages that oil is dangerous and outdated, and Norway can just live on fish and stop looking for oil. If not, we can destroy the ocean. That last part ruined this generic movie for me. It feels so fake and forced. It makes me puke! I’m so tired of the nagging and political correctness in modern movies. Stop the brainwashing! God, people can be so stupid!

The plot is straightforward, and it doesn’t offer any surprises. I liked the first half best, even if the movie feels lazy with the characters it introduces and how they are written. It makes me sick! This is just some lazy Hollywood nonsense that appeals to the average moviegoer and not true movie hearts.

The characters are poorly written, and it’s impossible to care about them. The script is just the usual lazy script where the movie introduces a kid, and his father is trapped on the oil platform that’s about to collapse. It’s so lazy, and the kid who plays the soulless son should never, ever try to act in a movie again. Thank God that he doesn’t get much screen time. But it’s irritating to experience this laziness just so they can sell tickets to the whole family.

Nordsjøen aka North Sea is a movie that doesn’t increase your heart rate. The CGI is pretty good to be a Norwegian movie, but the plot is so damn predictable. 

It’s also pretty stupid to have one of Norway’s best actors playing a side character. I’m talking about Anders Baasmo Christiansen. He could be Norway’s Philip Seymour Hoffman if he could get the right roles. It’s sickening to see how he’s used in Norwegian movies. Norwegian moviemakers and the general audience are so stupid to not see how good he is. Just show Norway the middle finger, Anders, and get the hell out of here! You are too good to stay!

Well, it was great to see Bjørn Floberg. I love that guy. Kristine Kujath Thorp, who plays the protagonist, is mediocre. She’s good when she shuts up, but then she opens up, and she becomes a moaning machine. You just want her character to die so she can shut her mouth and stop with the moaning. We have here a new Sir Moan-a-Lot! And I don’t appreciate that woman!

Rating: 3/10

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