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Troll (2022) – English Review

A troll that looks like Triple H wakes up from its deep sleep, and it’s heading towards the capital. A group is trying to figure out how to stop the troll before it reaches the capital. Let the race begin!

Troll is directed by Roar Uthaug, who has directed movies such as Cold Prey (2006), The Wave (2015), and Tomb Raider (2018). So he knows how to make entertaining movies in different genres.

This is the second Norwegian movie about trolls. The first movie was Trollhunter (2010), which has something that this movie is missing. And that’s its own unique identity.

There’s nothing unique about Troll. It tries to be a Hollywood blockbuster movie where we follow a group who is trying to stop the troll from reaching the capital of Norway, Oslo. They have to convince and argue with the authorities throughout the whole movie. Surprise! And the people who must make the decisions are made of stone, and they have no trace of having a soul.

The group consists of a military man, a paleontologist and her father, and a politician. The politician guy tries to be Mr. Charming, and he sort of succeeds with that. The rest of the character gallery is disappointing, and
they can’t be any more generic than they are.

The special effects are pretty good to be a Norwegian movie. But the plot is so predictable, and the characters don’t have any personalities or souls except for the politician guy. The dialogue gave me a headache, and I was so disappointed that the movie didn’t dare to search for its own identity as Trollhunter did.

If you want to watch an American blockbuster movie made in Norway, then I guess this is the movie for you. But the characters are so generic, and even though the movie tries to give the big troll some backstory and what happened to it, this is a movie that fails to engage. The movie should have dared to stand on its own feet, and not just copy the boring American blockbuster formula.

Rating: 4/10

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