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A Frozen Flower (2008) – English Review

When a King loves his bodyguard.

A king who is married to a beautiful queen loves his strong commander, who is a man. But the king has a problem when he needs an heir. Time is short, and he’s about to lose his throne and be replaced with a prince. So he orders his beloved commander to have sex with the beautiful queen so she gets pregnant and the king can pretend that it’s his kid and he will save his kingdom. But that solution will lead to severe problems when his commander falls in love with the hottest queen ever!

A Frozen Flower is directed by Yoo Ha, and he was one of my favorite South Korean directors after watching Once Upon a Time in High School and A Dirty Carnival. But after A Frozen Flower, he disappointed with the movies he directed, and his time in the spotlight was over. That can happen.

This is a fantastic movie with an interesting story where you feel bad for the hottest queen ever played by the hottie, Song Ji-hyo. She’s excellent in this role, and if you don’t fall in love with those eyes, something is wrong with you. And she has some smoking hot sex scenes in the movie too, so you get to see her melons. I was in heaven! She’s so beautiful and talented.

It’s three actors who have to carry the movie on their shoulders, and you can’t say anything negative about their role interpretations. They are all great, but it’s Song Ji-hyo and Joo Jin-mo who are the best ones. But it’s Joo Jin-mo who plays the king who steals the show. He and Song Ji-hyo are so good at acting with just their eyes. I love watching actors who show us what they feel just using their eyes. That takes talent!

The last half hour is pretty crazy and brutal when the king loses control over the situation, and you end up hating the king and you hope someone will kill him. In the beginning, you feel sort of sorry for him, but he’s also a man who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he can use the power he has to destroy lives. And when a man is filled with hateful rage, things will go wrong!

If you like period movies, a love triangle, and excellent acting, then you need to watch this movie. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of this formula, but you can’t hate a movie like A Frozen Flower. It’s so sad and beautiful at the same time.

Rating: 8/10

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