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The Roundup (2022) – English Review

Here comes the pain!

Some South Korean criminals are in Vietnam where they kidnap South Korean tourists and take them as hostages so that they can get some easy ransom money. But after they get the ransom money, they kill the hostages. But they didn’t expect that a South Korean cop would get in their way when he visits Vietnam to transport a prisoner from Vietnam to South Korea. And now he’s on their trail, and he’s a hard man to stop.

The Roundup is the sequel to The Outlaws (2017). In the lead role, we find the ox-man, Ma Dong-seok. And you know what you will get when he has the leading role. He punishes the bad guys and knocks them out with style.

I liked the first movie, and I also liked the sequel. It’s not a movie that offers anything new that you haven’t seen before, but it’s an entertaining movie from start to finish.

The leader of the villains is a complete psycho, and he loves to kill people. The same goes for his henchmen, so the protagonist deals with a dangerous group of ruthless killers. They are evil from A to B. They love to kill innocent people, and that’s all. So don’t expect to follow complex villain characters.

There are a lot of action scenes, and I enjoyed the sequence when the protagonist and his colleagues are tailing a car. They have to make sure that they don’t lose sight of the car because of the safety of a hostage. This sequence is well done, and it’s suspenseful.

If you liked the first movie, I’m pretty certain that you will also enjoy the sequel. It’s an entertaining action thriller with a hard-hitting actor everyone likes. It offers action, comedy, and suspense. It also has a charming atmosphere because of the great chemistry between the actors who play the cops. You hope they won’t die, since they are so likable, even though most of them don’t have any personality that differentiates them from each other.

Rating: 7/10

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