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Sex Is Zero 2 (2007) – English Review

Would you like a lollipop with a taste of shit?

Sex Is Zero 2 is similar to the first movie. The first half consists of comedy, while in the second half the drama takes over. Where the first movie was best on comedy, Sex Is Zero 2 is best on drama.

The first half is disappointing if you compare it too Sex Is Zero. They have replaced the sandwich from the first movie with a lollipop that has visited a butthole. And you know who will show up to put it in his mouth. It’s funny, but Sex Is Zero 2 is never close enough to make me laugh as hard as I did when I watched the first movie.

Where the drama bit almost destroyed the entire first movie, it’s more balanced in the sequel. The first movie took it too far with abortion, but rape is no better. But the sequel doesn’t focus on the rape. It’s about two people who take each other for what they are. The past means nothing, they are just fond of each other.

I watch a lot of South Korean movies, and in most cases, the drama bit destroys many of the comedy movies from this country. It didn’t go so wrong here, but it’s too bad that the sequel isn’t as funny as the first movie. You won’t laugh as hard as you did when watching the first movie, I’m certain of that!

If you liked the first Sex Is Zero, then the sequel is worth a watch. It’s a more balanced movie that doesn’t do much wrong. But it brings nothing new to the table.

Rating: 6/10

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