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Special Delivery (2022) – English Review

A woman tries to protect a young boy who has something in his possession that a corrupt cop wants.

Special Delivery is a movie that has nothing new to offer. It’s sad to see how little creativity there is in modern South Korean movies these days. Special Delivery is the perfect example of that.

The protagonist works at a junkyard, and she’s also a driver who picks up suspicious people, and it goes from there. Then she meets a young boy who has a corrupt cop after him. The corrupt cop has killed his father, who stole something from the corrupt cop that the young boy has in his possession.

So the protagonist is like Jason Statham from the Transporter, and the corrupt cop is channeling Gary Oldman from Leon. That’s not very inventive, is it? Don’t you dare to compare Special Delivery with Drive (2011), which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Don’t you dare!

I didn’t care about any of the characters. The protagonist doesn’t have much personality. She loves her cat, and she tries to protect the boy as much as she can. But that’s all, and it feels cheap. The kid doesn’t do much at all. He’s the usual kid in distress, nothing more than that. So I didn’t care about him either. The movie has a lazy script where the creator forces you to root for the kid since he’s a kid. Come on! Don’t take me for a fool! The characters have to earn my sympathy, which they don’t do in Special Delivery.

Then we have the reason I watch these movies. I love car chases, but come on. The wise ones know that South Koreans never have been great at shooting car chases. The car chases lack energy, they lack identity, and the editing doesn’t work. They are flat and boring. And all of that is something we find in Special Delivery. The only car chase I liked was the one in the parking garage. Other than that, the car chases in Special Delivery lack energy and invention.

The plot is straightforward. The young woman tries to protect the boy, and the people she loves get hurt when the corrupt cop comes knocking on their door. There’s nothing new to experience here. The protagonist can fight like Jason Statham, but she’s not a very good driver. She thinks she is, but she isn’t.

Special Delivery brings nothing new to the table. It lacks charm, and the characters are just too generic.

Rating: 5/10

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