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Uncharted (2022) – English Review

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan are trying to find some hidden gold.

I have played and completed the first game, and I know that the sequels are much better. But I wasn’t a big fan of the first game. I found it to be repetitive and way overrated.

Even if I haven’t played more than one game in the Uncharted series, we all know who should have played Nathan Drake. Nate Fillion was born to play this role, but the Hollywood people are so stupid that they had to find a much younger and hot actor in Tom Holland.

But who the hell came up with the idea of putting Mark Wahlberg in the role of Victor Sullivan? What the hell? I like Marky Mark, but he’s awful in this role! He plays an unlikeable character. Well, I never felt he was acting. He’s just an obnoxious Mark Wahlberg. Tom Holland plays the stupidest adventurer of all time. What a duo we are following! They could have just deep-faked Paul Newman to replace Mark Wahlberg.

So is this a good adventure movie? No, I didn’t get an adventure feeling from this boring CGI movie. I and many others have grown tired of watching the lazy CGI action scenes found in modern Hollywood movies. Place the actors in front of a green screen, put in some mediocre CGI, and count the money.

There’s no clever action choreography in modern Hollywood action movies, except for Tom Cruise and his Mission: Impossible series. I feel sorry for young kids who have to grow up watching movies that have action scenes that look worse than the action scenes in video games.

And why in God’s name do they make a stupid and empty movie like this when we have the games that people love? I understand studios love easy money, but it’s disgraceful when adventure movies like Uncharted ruin the storytelling in an expensive blockbuster movie like this one. It makes me sick! Just play the games, as they have much better storytelling than this crap!

Uncharted is an unimaginative adventure movie that lacks something important! It lacks the feeling of being out on an exciting adventure with characters you like. Uncharted has the ugly, slick Hollywood CGI look from start to finish. The characters are boring, and the actors lack chemistry. Even the National Treasure movies are better than this turd of a charmless movie!

I hate wasting my time on these soulless adventure movies. The Goonies laugh at us who watch this fish!

Rating: 3/10

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