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The Duel: Human Pork Chop (2001) vs Concrete (2004) – English Review

Which movie is the best one?

In this post, we are going to find out which movie is the best. I will not spend time telling the story behind these movies since I guess you know it already. I’m not here to waste my or your time. In the left corner, we have Concrete (2004). In the right corner, we have Human Pork Chop (2001). Ring the bell!

Most engaging story:

Well, to call it the best story feels wrong, so let’s use the most engaging story. Here we are, after which movie tells the story in the most engaging way. I know more about Junko Furuta than the woman from Hong Kong. Even if Concrete isn’t a quality movie, it gives the leader of the perpetrators more depth than the leader in Human Pork Chop. And you feel more sorry for a young girl like Junko Furuta since she’s purer than the woman in Human Pork Chop, who is a prostitute and drug addict. You wish that the innocent girl will return home safely. So one point goes to Concrete.

Most likable victim:

This will not be difficult at all. The actress who plays the protagonist in Human Pork Chop is a nasty piece of woman. She’s rude, and she doesn’t care about how she looks. She steals, and she has a manly voice. Even the customers find her disgusting. Junko Furuta is pure, but she doesn’t have any personality at all. So another point goes to Concrete since you will love to hate the woman in Human Pork Chop.

Best villains:

This one is easy. The leader in Human Pork Chop is a complete psycho, and he’s more believable as a crazy psycho than the one in Concrete. And in fact, he feels more human than the evil leader in Concrete, who you feel is more like a cold, upcoming serial killer. They feel different, but the actor in Human Pork Chop is more believable. So one point goes to Human Pork Chop.

Most brutal movie:

This shouldn’t be that hard, but it is. If we compare what happened in reality, nothing can beat what the perpetrators did to Junko Furuta. The strange thing is that Human Pork Chop feels more dirty and cruel, and I’m especially thinking about the toilet scene. But the dog scene is also pretty sick. Human Pork Chop shows more brutality since it shows us closeups of the violence and a toilet full of feces. In Concrete we have the ending scene when Junko Furuta dies, and her face will burn into your memory. You will always remember her beaten-up face. But there’s something special about dirty Hong Kong movies, so I give one point to Human Pork Chop.

Best actors:

This is going to be difficult since it’s the leaders of the perpetrators who get the most screen time. I would almost call it a draw, but the actor who plays the leader in Human Pork Chop draws the longest straw since you know he will blow up when the woman has done something wrong. He’s more believable, and he has more charisma than the leader in Concrete. The actress who plays the victim in Human Pork Chop is a much better actress than the one who plays Junko Furuta. She’s a character you will hate, and you will always remember her in a bad way. You will not remember the actress who plays Junko Furuta. So one point goes to Human Pork Chop.

The victory goes to Human Pork Chop with three points, while Concrete got two points. None of these are great movies. They have so much in common, but none of them should have been made. But if you are going to pick one of these worthless movies, I recommend Human Pork Chop.

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