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Always (2011) – English Review


A woman who’s losing her eyesight falls in love with a man with a dark past. But they have something in common that they are not aware of.

We follow a former boxer who worked as a money collector, but something bad happened one night, and he had to serve a prison sentence. He works at a parking lot, and suddenly one night a blind, hot woman shows up, and she mistakes him for her grandfather. But they like each other, even if the man doesn’t say much. She won’t leave him alone, and she’s pretty and has a heart of gold, so he’s a lucky man. So in the end, they become a couple.

But the past, man, the past. The dark past will come back to haunt them! And the woman is about to lose her eyesight, and she needs money that she doesn’t have to save her eyesight. So her prince must come up with a plan that she doesn’t know about. And it’s a dangerous plan!

It’s easy to understand why so many love this movie. It’s a movie that will melt your icy, icy heart. It’s not only a movie for women. This movie will also make men cry, and I have to admit I had a big lump in my sore throat towards the end of the movie, which is my favorite part.

The movie is so cruel. It won’t allow the couple and especially the man to be happy. Normally, I don’t react to this kind of storytelling if you feel the movie manipulates you and uses cheap tricks. But I never felt this when watching Always. It could have gone wrong, but the director and the script have complete control, even though it’s easy to understand what will happen to the protagonist after the fight.

Always is one of the better romantic drama movies that the South Koreans have made. The actors are excellent, and the score is beautiful. So is the hot woman!


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