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Hard Hit (2021) – English Review

A sitting time bomb.

A man is driving his kids to school. Suddenly a man calls him and tells him he has planted a bomb in his car. He tells the driver that he’s going to blow up his car with his kids in it if he doesn’t pay him a large sum of money. So now the driver must try to gather the money that he doesn’t have to save his family. The clock is counting down!

If you haven’t watched that many South Korean movies, then a Hard Hit is worth a watch. The movie has borrowed the concept from Phone Booth and Speed. There’s no dead time here. The pace is fast, and with that, the script has large plot holes just to keep the plot moving forwards.

You just have to accept that this is a pretty stupid but entertaining movie that doesn’t deserve to have such an excellent score as it has. I loved the score in this movie, but it feels too good to be in a movie like this when the script is leaking like the Titanic.

The characters feel hollow and nothing more than that. Their mission is to go from A to B, and the movie never gives us a reason to care about them. And again, we have to watch stupid South Korean cops who have no brain cells left. I’m so sick and tired of watching South Korean movies and their stupid cops! Stupid idiots!

Hard Hit could have been a great movie if it hadn’t been for the lazily written characters and the big plot holes. But the movie is worth a watch, especially if you love fast-paced thrillers where the protagonist is confined to his car, and he must do everything to save his children.

Rating: 6/10

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