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Kampen om Narvik (2022) aka Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat – English Review

The first defeat.

The Germans invade Norway, and Narvik is the first place they visit since Narvik has important minerals which are transported by train from Sweden and then shipped from Narvik by boat. A young man who is a soldier tries to protect his wife and kid, but the war will separate them, and they must try to survive so they can hold each other hands again.

I’m not sure how accurate this is, but the movie tells us that Hitler’s first defeat happened in the Norwegian town of Narvik. But that victory didn’t last long. But hey, they fought like heroes. Like real Vikings!

The movie offers no surprises. We follow a small family who tries to survive the war, and towards the end, you end up hating one character. Why do you ask? Well, go and f yourself, and watch the movie yourself. I will not tell you. Just watch the movie yourself, you lazy bast*r*!

We see how people who are separated under the war must fight for freedom and love. The woman who must take of the kid is the most interesting character and the character that will split the audience in two because of her decisions. She’s a woman, and it’s her duty to make a stupid and selfish decision. She can’t help it.

It’s easier to put yourself in the husband’s shoes since he has to kill or be killed. His wife has other problems, and you can understand her, but she’s in a war situation. She’s not baking cakes! She must man up and understand that this is WAR!

The ending was a little weak and wrong in my eyes. So that shaved off a point from my point scale. Remember, this is a Norwegian movie, so it doesn’t have the biggest budget. But the movie looks good, and even if the action scenes are small on the war scale, it works since Narvik isn’t a big place.

The characters aren’t anything to write home about. They do what they are supposed to do to move the plot forward. Even if they are put in difficult situations, they never invite you in. They feel like movie characters and nothing more than that.

Kampen om Narvik aka Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat is an interesting movie, but it’s also a movie that could have been much better with more fleshed-out characters. The characters are the weak point of the movie.

Rating: 6/10

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