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Naked Soldier (2012) – English Review

A drug cartel kills a cop’s family, and they kidnap his young daughter. They thought they killed the cop, but he’s a hard man to kill. Now he has retired, but after 15 years, his daughter returns, and her mission is to kill her own father. The evil Madam Rose has brainwashed her, and an Interpol agent is in love with her. Will this end in a family tragedy? And can Madam Rose please kill the annoying tomboy? Continue reading “Naked Soldier (2012) – English Review”

She Shoots Straight (1990) – English Review

A Vietnamese criminal gang takes the trip over to Hong Kong to rob a nightclub or nightclubs, I can’t remember. But they don’t expect that a family of cops is going to ruin their plans. Continue reading “She Shoots Straight (1990) – English Review”

The Magnificent Butcher (1979)

Lam Sai-wing havner stadig i trøbbel. Det ender med at han blir mistenkt for et drap på en kvinne, men han har ikke gjort det. Da må alt avgjøres med noen slåsskamper. Continue reading “The Magnificent Butcher (1979)”