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Naked Soldier (2012) – English Review

A drug cartel kills a cop’s family, and they kidnap his young daughter. They thought they killed the cop, but he’s a hard man to kill. Now he has retired, but after 15 years, his daughter returns, and her mission is to kill her own father. The evil Madam Rose has brainwashed her, and an Interpol agent is in love with her. Will this end in a family tragedy? And can Madam Rose please kill the annoying tomboy?

Naked Soldier is a poor clone of Naked Weapon (2002) with Maggie Q. From what I understand, this is the third movie in the Naked movies series that consists of Naked Killer (1992), Naked Weapon (2002), and now Naked Soldier. I don’t feel that Naked Soldier has much in common with the first two movies. It has female assassins, but the sexiness of the first two movies, it doesn’t have!

Naked Weapon is a silly movie, but it’s still a sexy movie. So the title doesn’t trick you as Naked Soldier does. When I sit down to watch a movie with a sexy title, I expect to see some hot female assassins and a dose of nudity. But this is a pure action movie! This isn’t a sexy movie! There’s only one sexy woman in the whole movie. The rest of them aren’t sexy, so I give the movie a red card. Get off the court! If you can’t deliver the sexiness with Naked Soldier as a title, you will get the red card!

In the lead roles, we find Sammo Hung, Jennifer Tse, and Andy On. Not that they can do anything when the movie has a script that belongs in the trashcan.

The story is trash. The whole movie oozes cheapness from the lowest shelf. The ugly clothes will make you puke, and if you are like me and hate ugly hairstyles and wigs, this movie will be a pure nightmare for you to watch.

The action choreography made me dizzy and tired. It’s the usual fast cutting that will make real martial arts fans cry inside. The movie doesn’t have any redeeming qualities as an action movie. It’s a stupid action movie with a score that doesn’t suit the scenes we see. And it doesn’t help that the characters are soulless trash!

Naked Soldier is a waste of time. The title lies, and you don’t lie to real perverts who want to watch sexy, female assassins who take off their clothes so we, the perverts, can drool and dream of being killed by a sexy, female, naked assassin. You don’t step on a pervert’s dream and his dream of a female nipple!

And I can’t end the review without mentioning the disgusting tomboy character from hell. What is it with the stupid and disgusting Chinese tomboy characters? They all act the same with their stupid facial expressions and body language. It’s disgusting to experience, and I, the white devil Viking king, have had enough! It’s not funny! It’s not charming! Go and f yourself!

Rating: 2/10

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