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13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009) – English Review


Soap opera is dangerous when the events in the series can control your life.

13B: Fear Has a New Address is a thriller that offers something new and interesting. A family moves into a new apartment, and everything is just fun and games. The women are hooked on a soap opera that only the people living in the apartment can watch. No one else in the country can watch this soap opera.

The women in the family are stupid. They don’t understand that what happens in the soap opera is happening to their family in reality. Of course, it’s the man in the house who discovers this. Together with a friend, they try to find out who this family is that appears on the TV screen. It turns out that there is someone who has some skeletons in the closet.

13B: Fear Has a New Address is a movie I love. I’ve seen the movie twice now. 13B: Fear Has a New Address oozes mystery, and time passes quickly. The first half is the best when the atmosphere is built up, and 13B: Fear Has a New Address draws inspiration from supernatural horror movies.

The other half consists mostly of investigation. The atmosphere is still here, and it’s interesting to see how the movie develops into a crime movie, and towards the end, it ends up being a suspenseful thriller.

The movie has a great script that offers twists and turns. But the so-called innocent victims in the movie are some assholes. Why on earth are they so interested in punishing innocent people? Has the movie borrowed the idea from the Ju-on movies with ghosts punishing everything and everyone who lives or enters the house? I didn’t quite understand why they were so cruel to the people living in the apartment. Is it to make the protagonist and his friend dig faster in the past? Is that the reason they show everything that can happen in the future on the TV? Because in the beginning, happiness smiles on the family who has moved into their new apartment, but it doesn’t take long before most things go to hell. Suddenly the ghosts become some evil bastards!

But in the middle of the movie, we get to see two idiotic music videos. The movie creates a fantastic atmosphere, and I love the way it builds up the mystery. This isn’t a movie that gets boring or feels long. But then we get to see two music videos that don’t belong in this genre. It doesn’t fit in at all.

Most of the actors are good, but there are some scenes here with some women actors that don’t feel natural. But fortunately, they get little screen time. Madhavan is very good, and I also liked his best friend, played by Ravi Babu. Neetu Chandra, who plays the protagonist’s wife, is also good and very beautiful.

You will not find a woman with long, dark hair and a nightgown in 13B: Fear Has a New Address. You will find a great and solid story that will grab your attention. The important atmosphere you find in the best horror-thriller movies is here, something I’m sure most people love. This is a very underrated hybrid movie that more people should watch. I don’t think India is best known for making these types of movies.

Rating: 9/10

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