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Sarpatta Parambarai (2021) – English Review

We follow a boxer who gets the chance to represent his clan. Two clans hate each other, and the other clan has the best boxer. But now it’s getting more exciting because this boxer has talent out of the ordinary. It just took many years before anyone discovered it.

I love sports movies, and Sarpatta Parambarai is a movie that gave me what I’m looking for. But the movie also surprises when it forgets boxing for a while, and it turns into a gangster movie. I felt it ruined some of the experience. It’s not awful what we see when the protagonist becomes a gangster. There‘s a lot of energy here in these scenes as well. But this is ultimately a sports movie that didn’t surprise me. It doesn’t do much wrong, and I liked the characters.

The boxing matches are well choreographed and edited. You feel you’re watching a Rocky movie. I love the energy that Sarpatta Parambarai creates during the most exciting boxing matches.

The protagonist’s journey is also interesting. His mother doesn’t like the art of boxing, and she doesn’t want him to end up like his father. He became an alcoholic and died.

The movie has many interesting characters, and the actors are solid. I love the hateful atmosphere when the protagonist is close to his nemesis who’s out to hurt and kill him. I’m not talking about his opponent in the boxing ring.

There’s also a lot going on here with the relationship between the boxing coach and his family. So there’s a lot of drama and emotions here, and we love that in sports movies. Right?

But when the protagonist takes a step over to the dark side, I didn’t quite understand why he took that step. He could still box, couldn’t he? Or was he no longer interested in boxing when his boxing coach disappeared for a while because of political reasons? Or wasn’t he allowed to box?

There’s also a bit of political history here. But it seemed as if the creators only used it to make it more dramatic and difficult for the protagonist. This is the protagonist’s big test. But I felt it came out of nowhere. I saw nothing in his character that would turn him into a big loser. He’s a man with a winner’s instinct. But his mother constantly reminds him that she doesn’t want him to end up like his father. He became an alcoholic, and a dead loser.

The women in the movie are very angry! The protagonist marries a woman who’s a dragon lady, and the same goes for his mother. He becomes very interested in training and boxing, so he forgets that he’s newlywed. It’s perhaps no wonder that someone has to drink alcohol with these women nearby! They are hotheads!

This is a solid sports movie that’s interesting both inside and outside of the ring.

Rating: 8/10

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