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Venus (2022) – English Review

A woman steals a lot of drugs, and the bad guys want the drugs back. She hides in her sister’s apartment, who has a kid. The apartment building is almost empty, and few people live there. Why is that? That is the question, and we will get the answer.

This is an interesting movie if you like a movie like the original Suspiria. The movie is directed by Jaume Balagueró, the man who directed the first two [REC] movies, and the fourth one also. He has also directed Sleep Tight. He has directed a lot of movies, and I have watched many of them. So you can say he’s one of the best and most known Spanish thriller-horror directors.

The first 45 minutes are slow. The movie introduces the characters, and they are not interesting. You get a cheap feeling because of the weak and boring bad guys who want the drugs back. They are generic and irritating, and the acting isn’t great. I hated the actor who looks like he’s a member of Rammstein.

The group of elderly women and their leader is creepy. You sense straight away that there’s something strange with these women, especially the sexy leader. I believe I have seen her in some other movies. You can’t forget a sexy woman like that. She is creepy as f.

But the rest of the movie is pretty solid, especially if you like the original Susperia. The plot takes place in the apartment building, and there are just a few apartments we visit. But there is a cool apartment where I loved the visuals. It oozes Susperia of the atmosphere and the scenes, and that is a quality sign.

The movie also offers some graphic scenes in close up, and I loved the short but crazy scene in the bathroom when the protagonist believes there’s someone in the apartment. What a sexy thing that thing was!

Is this a movie for everyone? No, it isn’t. The first half isn’t great, but if you like the original Susperia, and the things going on there, this is worth a watch. But the ending scene was weak. It was a huge downer. The music and the change of tone came out of nowhere.

Rating: 6/10

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