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Bones and All (2022) – English Review

Fine young cannibals.

A young woman has had a big problem since she was young. She loves the taste of human meat, and no, she isn’t a zombie. She’s a cannibal, and she lives with her father. But after she ate a friend’s finger, they have to move. And one day when she wakes up, her father is gone. He’s had enough of his daughter and her hunger for human meat, and she’s all alone in the world. But she discovers there are people like her out there, and she also meets a young man who she falls in love with, and he is also a human meat lover.

Bones and All is directed by Luca Guadagnino. He has made movies such as Call Me by Your Name (2017) and the Suspiria (2018) remake. He’s an interesting director.

With Bones and All, he has made a strange coming-of-age drama. It’s about love and the need to eat human meat, and along the way, the protagonist meets other cannibals. And the strangest one of them all is the cannibal played by the warm and good-hearted Mark Rylance. I don’t associate Mark Rylance with a role like the one he’s playing in Bones and All. The few times he shows up, the atmosphere changes, and he took me to another but interesting universe. He’s like a twisted Peter Pan. He’s a sick and creepy man! I loved his role interpretation of the lonely cannibal.

The acting is solid, and the movie has a few gory scenes. The focus is on the love relationship between the protagonist and the young man played by the excellent Timothée Chalamet. He’s one of my few favorite young actors.

Bones and All is an interesting movie, but I didn’t like the ending. I never felt that this could end in a good way, and I was disappointed that the movie didn’t challenge the protagonist more with the temptation of eating more human meat. I wanted this character and her boyfriend to be like two drug addicts or vampires. But there was just one instance where they did something they shouldn’t have done.

I wanted the movie to explore their hunger more, but no, that didn’t happen. This is just a strange coming-of-age drama with cannibals. When the movie ended, I felt I had watched an interesting and strange coming-of-age drama, but a half-empty one. I didn’t find enough substance here, and some of the characters the protagonist meets should have been fleshed out more and given more screen time.

Rating: 6/10

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