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Fast & Feel Love (2022) – English Review

A man-child who refuses to grow up.

A woman falls in love with a man who is dreaming of becoming a professional sports stacker. They buy a beautiful house together, but after several years she has had enough. She’s getting older, and she wants a child. But the only child she has in her life is her boyfriend, who is a man-child. So she leaves him, and now he has to man up and learn to do everyday chores with no help. And he’s competing to win a contest, and his nemesis is a young boy who is faster than him.

Fast & Feel Love is directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit. I loved Freelance aka Heart Attack (2015), but I didn’t like Mary Is Happy, Mary Is Happy (2013) as much. But it was much better than the disappointing Happy Old Year (2019). That movie was such a letdown.

This director loves to make movies that have a runtime of over two hours, and that becomes a weakness in my eyes. His movies are charming where we follow some strange and dysfunctional characters, but his movies aren’t for everyone since they last too long. And Fast & Feel Love is a movie that lasts too long. There are a lot of movie references here, but I didn’t find the movie to be funny. It’s a charming movie, but it’s not a funny movie.

I enjoyed the first hour, but the last 40 minutes were pretty tame, to be honest. We see how the protagonist has to learn about life and responsibilities, and he has to do boring daily chores while he tries to win the stacking competition. But after his girlfriend left him, he has gotten slower, so he must try to gain his speed back again. The movie goes around in circles with not much going on, and I had to slap myself in the face to keep my eyes glued to the screen. It’s sort of difficult to find a red thread when the movie introduces too many characters that the protagonist interacts with. Some of them didn’t contribute much.

You can’t hate the man-child, and he is surrounded by caricatures that bring some charm to the table. It’s a strange and relaxing universe, but in the end, the movie is just too long, and I felt the protagonist drifting away from me. He changes as a person, but I never cared, and I wanted his girlfriend to get her dream fulfilled and stop having contact with this man. She has sacrificed enough, and she deserves so much better than to take care of a man-child.

After watching Freelance aka Heart Attack (2015), I’m always excited when Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit makes a new movie. But now he has disappointed me two times in a row, so I cross my fingers and hope he can surprise me with his next movie.

Rating: 6/10

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