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Ivanna (2022) – English Review

Who is that sexy woman who is missing her head?

A young woman who is almost blind, and her little brother, move to a nursing home or something like that where some irritating old farts live. Their parents are dead, which means the parents to the siblings, not the old farts! The young woman has a gift that she can see what happened in the past, and it turns out that something terrible happened at this place. The Japanese were here too, and they did some evil things to a hot woman! Then one day, they find a statue of a hot woman who is missing her head, and after that discovery, heads will roll, baby! Heads will rock and roll!

Ivanna is directed by Kimo Stamboel. He and his brother need each other when they make movies. Ivanna is pure garbage. Come on, guys! Find back to each other and create some movie magic again. I know you can do it!

The story is weak, and it does not engage. The pace is slow, and the atmosphere the movie tries to create is a miss. The movie does not have any tension or suspense. The characters are flat, and the acting is so bad! I mean, it is BAD! Call the acting police! We need to put someone in jail for bad acting! And I am not sure if the prison is big enough.

The movie has some bad CGI effects, and the gore was a huge disappointment since the director and his brother are good at creating some cool, gory scenes. The hot woman, who is missing her head, is ripping people’s heads off, and that’s that. Nothing else is going on, and the characters we follow are sissies. So they should just die and burn in hell!

Ivanna feels like a cheap movie, and the visit to the past and the lousy melodrama we find there almost killed my remaining soul. I have a soul you know, even if you do not think I have a soul. I have feelings too! But the drama and the characters are poorly written. It is like watching a school play with some talentless idiots!

Ivanna is not a good horror movie. It misses the mark on almost everything it is trying to hit. The acting is so bad in the last half hour when the actors are pretending to be scared. Get out of here! What a stinky, fishy movie!

Rating: 2/10

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