Impetigore (2019) – English Review

A young woman travels back to a small village where she has inherited a house. But it turns out that the village is cursed, and the young woman is an important key to stopping the curse. Fortsett å lese «Impetigore (2019) – English Review»

One Day We’ll Talk About Today (2020) – English Review

We follow a family consisting of two adults and three adult children. They carry a secret that not all of the children in the family know about. But now the time has come to reveal it when the youngest daughter is in a rebellious phase. Fortsett å lese «One Day We’ll Talk About Today (2020) – English Review»

May the Devil Take You (2018) – English Review

A man has been playing with dark powers, and now he has become seriously ill. His family goes to his old house, but they should never have done that because down in the basement there is some or something who is looking for revenge. And of course, they must open the door that they should not open! Fortsett å lese «May the Devil Take You (2018) – English Review»

Satan’s Slaves (2017) – English Review

A family feels that something strange is about to happen when the mother in the family dies. Has she played with dark powers? Fortsett å lese «Satan’s Slaves (2017) – English Review»