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The Queen of Black Magic (2019) – English Review

A group of friends visits their old orphanage where they grew up. They are looking forward to meeting the old man who took care of them. But then strange things start to happen, and it turns out that there is someone from the past who is seeking revenge. Who is this person, and what happened in the past? Continue reading “The Queen of Black Magic (2019) – English Review”

The Forbidden Door (2009) – English Review

A sculptor that’s known for making sculptures of pregnant women is doing well. He has a beautiful wife, a nice house, and success. But then notes keep appearing where it says help me. But it’s not only notes he receives, the message is also written on walls and buildings. He becomes obsessed with finding out what this message means. The message is everywhere! Then one day he discovers a mysterious door in his home, but his wife asks him not to open the door. What’s going on? Continue reading “The Forbidden Door (2009) – English Review”

Impetigore (2019) – English Review

A young woman travels back to a small village where she has inherited a house. But it turns out that the village is cursed, and the young woman is an important key to stopping the curse. Continue reading “Impetigore (2019) – English Review”