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Bridge of Destiny (2020) – English Review

We follow a married couple who live a completely normal life with their son. But then one day, the husband gets a visit from the past, which can destroy the entire family and the happy life they live. It turns out that the husband is gay, and there is someone from the past who is seeking revenge after something happened in the past. Will this secret destroy the entire family?

Bridge of Destiny is a Vietnamese movie that focuses on homosexuality and secrets. I thought the movie would be darker, but there is some light comedy here.

I didn’t expect as much comedy as the movie shows us. It has some colorful characters that you find in most modern comedy movies. But many of these characters are not vital to the story. They are here to spread some joy, and that’s it.

What surprised me the most is that I loved the story, and the story engaged me. The runtime is quite short with its 90 minutes, so time passes quickly.

This is not a movie with a lot of deep dialogue or deep characters. But it tells a nice and touching story that shouldn’t scare anyone. This is not a movie that focuses on sex. It’s about revenge and genuine love.

The leading actors are excellent, and I mostly liked the heavy drama that the movie offers. It’s interesting to see what happened in the past, and why someone is seeking revenge.

But what I think the movie is best known for is that it has an enormous surprise, which I don’t think many will see coming. And that makes the movie more moving. The emotional score is also brilliant.

I liked Bridge of Destiny. It’s a nice, romantic tale about secrets and hatred. But in the end, true love will hopefully prevail.

Rating: 7/10

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