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The Peeping Tom (1997) – English Review

A serial killer who loves women with hot legs starts stalking a female cop with attractive legs. He believes that she will be his, and as long as he wears his sunglasses, he feels invincible!

The Peeping Tom is another poorly scripted Hong Kong movie. The serial killer cuts off the legs of women with attractive legs and kills them. However, before doing so, he spends some quality time with them. He believes that they should feel lucky to have the opportunity to make love to the coolest man wearing the coolest sunglasses ever!

During a shootout, the killer films the cop with attractive legs and harasses her. The police are unable to arrest him due to their incompetence, and he feels invincible because of his sunglasses. He considers himself the newest member of The Untouchables!

The movie offers boring sex scenes that lack creativity, and the most absurd and erotic scene is early in the movie when the cop’s sister, who also has attractive legs, takes a shower. She finds a soap bar and enjoys herself a little too much with it. The scene lasts for about five minutes, and trust me, it’s not sexy to watch a woman soap herself while the camera zooms in on her body. I couldn’t stop thinking about a man with no hair when the camera goes low, and we visit a forest.

What surprised me the most was that the actors were decent. They didn’t perform poorly, and even though the serial killer is a laughable character, there is still some charm to him. And he wears sunglasses throughout the movie, which makes him feel invincible. I’m not kidding!

I wouldn’t recommend watching The Peeping Tom. The script is trash, and it’s not a sexy movie. The only redeeming quality I found was the villain, and the bad dialogue and subtitles. So, sorry to all women with hot legs, we need another movie that can celebrate all the women with attractive legs out there with style! This movie has no style.

Rating: 3/10

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