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Mortal Kombat (2021) – English Review

Cole Young, along with some allies, must take up the fight against evil fighters who want to rule the universe. This will be a battle of life and death!

I grew up with Mortal Kombat, so I know a little about this universe. I haven’t played the new games, so I’m not familiar with the new characters.

Although I hate director Paul W.S. Anderson, he has made a great movie with Event Horizon. His second-best movie is Mortal Kombat (1995). I’ve seen that movie several times, and it has something that Mortal Kombat (2021) completely lacks, and that’s entertainment value and a twinkle in the eye.

Mortal Kombat is directed by a newcomer who I hope will never get another chance to direct a movie again. He and the scriptwriters should be ashamed!

I hope there will never be a new Mortal Kombat movie! This is one of the most uncharming movies I’ve seen in modern times. It just proves that Mortal Kombat and all fighting games should never be made into live-action movies. Maybe in animated form, but not live-action with real humans in front of the camera.

The movie has some well-known actors. My favorite Japanese actor, Tadanobu Asano, plays Raiden. But the man isn’t a martial artist, so he was the wrong actor for this role. His English is also bad. Two other actors worth mentioning are Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada. They can fight for real, so that’s great! The rest of the actors have been picked up from the junkyard! They are a waste of acting!

The story is thin as hell. But the most disappointing thing is that it’s not a tournament here. There is a lot of talking, and the empty script from hell and actors from the deepest hell will make you suffer! Damn, there are so many rotten actors here! And they are not charming either. Most of the actors are awful. Someone must take out the trash and take them back to the junkyard where they belong!

The action scenes are rubbish. Not even Joe Taslim can save this shit movie. Hiroyuki Sanada has become an old man. Mortal Kombat serves us the shit that Hollywood loves with close-ups, little flow, and too much editing in the fight scenes. The action choreography will make you cry if you like great action scenes and martial arts. There is also no drama or raw energy during the action scenes. This is tame and poorly choreographed!

The only positive thing is that the finishers from the games are pretty cool. Especially when Kung Lao performs a fatality. That’s the big highlight of this shitty movie!

Instead of watching this shit, watch the original Mortal Kombat (1995) and Street Fighter: The Movie (1994). At least they have charm!

Rating: 1/10

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