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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) – English Review

Pinhead goes to Hollywood.

Pinhead got trapped in a sculpture in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. A goofy guy with red cowboy boots and an ugly hairstyle from hell buys the sculpture. And to get Pinhead out of the sculpture, Pinhead needs a lot of blood, so it’s up to the goofy guy in his ugly red cowboy boots and hair from hell to get some fresh virgin blood. Well, the women in this movie aren’t exactly virgins!

And then the fun was over. In Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Pinhead takes the trip over to Hollywood and becomes a boring mainstream character which destroys this cool character. He is no longer cool or intimidating. He talks too much, and the dialogue is terrible! The dialog in this movie killed so many of my brain cells, and I don’t have many left!

The script is a mess, and things make little sense. Well, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since the previous movie was breaking some rules.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth is an audience-friendly Hellraiser movie without the dirty and raw feeling the first two movies had. It’s a typical movie that has too many balls in the air to please the mainstream audience.

What I liked about the two first movies is that they were for the adult audience. The teenagers had Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger, while the adult ones had Michael Myers for a while and Pinhead. Now, these characters are, for the most part, family-friendly and family members that you invite to dinner. 

And that takes us to the new Cenobites. Jesus wept! Here we find a Cenobite who throws CDs, a smoking barbie, I think it was, and a bartender with some deadly, burning cocktails. Come on! What the hell is this fish? F-ing Hollywood crap!

At least the woman who plays the protagonist is hot, so that saved the movie for me since I could look at something nice. But the dirty Hellraiser feeling isn’t found in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. This is the reason not to go the Hollywood route. Jesus wept! And I have so many movies left to watch, and I have watched almost all of them many years ago. Jesus wept!

Rating: 3/10

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