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Missing (2021) – English Review

A girl is searching for her father. He was searching for a serial killer to get some reward money, but then one day he disappears. Did he find the serial killer, or did the serial killer find him? Let’s find out!

Missing is a strange movie that is pretty twisted. The reason I’m saying that is that the first half hour feels like an ordinary family drama where we follow a daughter who has a father who is a loser. 

The movie starts with a scene where the father has been caught stealing some items in a grocery store, and the daughter has to bail him out. The father tells the daughter that he believes he has seen the wanted serial killer, and that he is going to find him so that they can get some reward money.

So after the father disappears, the daughter tries to find him. And after a while, the movie changes completely, when we follow the serial killer and what he’s doing to the people he kills. There are some strange and absurd scenes here, especially with the old pervert that the serial killer meets. That is an awesome scene! I love Japanese perverts! Yeah!

The movie gets darker and darker, and it has an interesting story to tell about the serial killer who doesn’t need to use much energy to find his victims. I will not spoil anything about what is going on with the serial killer and his victims.

The serial killer in Missing feels different from other serial killers. The serial killer is a twisted person, and it’s fascinating to follow him. This is a lazy serial killer. He also meets a crazy woman who belongs in a Takashi Miike movie.

Missing is an interesting and different serial killer movie. It’s also a movie where we follow a loser of a father who tries to sort out his life after his wife died. But he will always be a loser. Even though he has a good heart, there is something totally wrong with him. And that makes him an interesting character. The daughter is a secondary character, so she doesn’t feel that important to the plot.

Rating: 7/10

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