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The Killer Meteors (1976) – English Review

Who’s fooling who?

A man with a powerful weapon tries to help a man who has been poisoned. It’s his wife who has poisoned him, and the man with the powerful weapon will experience a lot of strange things on this journey. He can’t trust anyone, and he can’t trust his own eyes either!

The Killer Meteors is a movie little kids who are giving you some poor attitude should watch. You can tell them they will watch this movie five times a day in hell if they don’t act nice and eat their vegetables!

Imagine that young and stupid children have made a movie. They have written the script and even act in the movie. It doesn’t help that they got Jackie Chan in a minor role for a few minutes. This is a movie that never should have existed. And I hate, hate Lo Wei! He should never have existed!

There are few fight scenes, a lot of dialogue, and bad acting. The dialogue is horrible. You will not laugh. You will constantly think about whether you want to end your life instead of watching this turd of a movie! This is a movie that’s hard to finish. When I retired my VCR player, there was a movie left in the player I had just watched half of. Guess which movie it was? The Killer Meteors!

I hate these old movies where the characters are laughing out loud and stroking their fake beards! It makes me furious! And the fight choreography is rubbish. It’s ugly to look at! Punches and kicks can’t get any weaker!

Now I watched the whole movie, and I regret it! I cannot describe the story, and the dialogue must be experienced. If the devil has made a movie, The Killer Meteors is his work. And then you have to ask yourself, is Lo Wei the devil in disguise who made his devilish movies just to torture us poor martial arts fans? I hate Lo Wei!

Now I fooled you, Lo Wei thought when he made The Killer Meteors. Now I will make a detective story that takes place in a strange world where the hero must solve a mystery. And everyone is fooling everyone. I can guarantee you that many people will not understand the movie at all. The script must have been written by a child who has hit his or her head too many times. I also hope that Lo Wei never will be reincarnated!

Rating: 1/10

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